HRA Brokers important deals and partnerships for improving the economic growth and well-being of the Caribbean. HRA Investor Tank, inspired by the hit show “Shark’s Tank”, Entrepreneurs pitch their business (within 10 min.) to investors in exchange for equity (or other terms) in order to receive funding. A panel of 5-6 investors, grantor or venture capitalists with capital of up to $50M served as judges on our tank to assess the quality and likelihood of projects in receiving funding for projects in the Caribbean. To date, 16 businesses have pitched in the tank with 3 receiving financial support in amounts up to $500,000. Past entrepreneurs have received probono consulting services and other business development assistance and resources to assist them in their investment initiatives.

Successful introductions and matches among investors, business people, entrepreneurs, and government officials frequently result in serious partnership negotiations and new ventures, and HRA helps broker these deals, for maximal benefit to all parties, but primarily for ensuring sustainable activities with continued opportunities for growth.

  • Business to Business matches
  • Business to Government matches
  • Diaspora investment match
  • Investor outreach and relations