HRA’s numerous events assemble leading figures in a variety of fields for strategic information sharing, debate on important topics, and viable solutions for the region, along with real investment, sustained partnerships, and concrete achievements for development and business efforts.

HRA Convenes its partners and multiple stakeholders via dynamic information sharing platforms at a variety of large and small networking events and conferences, in the United States and the Caribbean, to share knowledge of the region, innovative solutions to problems, strategies for future development, and expertise in a multitude of sectors.

  • Trade shows: HRA’s annual Business Investment Expo and Conference offers an innovative platform for identifying solutions to Caribbean economic development challenges, and more effective Diaspora engagement, promoting trade and investment opportunities. For six years, HRA’s Expo and Conference, held in Washington, D.C., has convened leading figures from industry, the private sector, government, civil society, and Diaspora, engaging participants in numerous interactive presentations and workshops, identifying sustainable partnerships and development opportunities, while developing innovative strategies for addressing issues throughout the region. The Expo and Conference has hosted thousands of attendees since 2010, and in 2015 was co-hosted by the World Bank at its Washington headquarters.
  • Business delegations: HRA regularly hosts Caribbean business delegations seeking to expand their products and services in the US and partnering with Diaspora investors. We also conduct trade missions throughout the region, fostering relationships among investors, local business men and women, and government officials. HRA officers monitor the business and development climates in Caribbean countries, and with their local knowledge, contacts and expertise, host investors and those interested in business within specific regions or ventures.
  • Entrepreneur Investment Platforms: HRA’s innovative “Investors’ Tank” is held in locations in the Caribbean in addition to its annual presentation at the Expo and Conference. Modeled on the popular ABC show “Shark Tank”, HRA’s “Investors’ Tank” brings together funders with competitively selected businesses, to provide opportunities to broker deals between entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. Entrepreneurs are provided opportunities to make pitches to potential investors, gain immediate feedback, while generating interest in their products or services. Numerous entrepreneurs have been successfully matched with funding via HRA’s “Investors’ Tank”.
  • Diaspora Town Hall Meetings: HRA hosts Diaspora Town Hall Meetings to engage the Diaspora communities in topics of interest on economic development of developing nations in the Caribbean region. In September 2015 HRA in partnership with George Washington University hosted the first Diaspora-led Haiti Presidential candidate debate. With over 300 attendees and 50, 000 viewers, the event resulted in a serious discussion of political and economic issues for the country’s future, including the role of the diaspora in development. The program was streamlined live in its entirety and remains popular on YouTube, for wider viewing among the Diaspora and Haitian citizens.